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The Word Brain

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You need four books to learn another language:

  1. A classical language manual with audio CDs
    - see Chapter 2 of the Full Edition (76 pages) -

  2. A compilation of the most frequent words
    - see Chapter 1 and 7 of the Short Edition (10 pages) -

  3. A dictionary
    - see also the MikroEdition -

  4. A short grammar
    - see Chapter 4 -
The total cost is usually less than 100 Euros. We recommend the following books if you are fluent in



76 pages - Free PDF
9.95 €

Excellent, practical, concise
A must read for anyone who is considering a new language! Mr. Kamps holds nothing back in this concise guide of what it really takes to learn and master a new language. Contained within are also invaluable study tips and links to excellent resources for a number of languages. If you are planning on learning a new language, or know someone who is, do yourself a favor and buy this book now!
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